Baby its You & Me Against the World.

Caity. 16. Blonde. Blue Eyes. New York. Christian. Dancing. Country Music. John Mayer. Tenth Avenue North. Carrie Underwood. Lady Antebellum. Nina Nesbitt. Jean Jackets. Blue. Italian. Danish. Flowers. Friends. Family. Jesus. Sundresses. Africa. Helping People. Fashion. Photography. Partying. Lauren Conrad. Twitter. Beaches. Blackberry. Boys. Redbull. Pina Colada. Shopping. Gilly Hicks. Aerie. Forever 21. Juicy Couture. Loud. Laughable. Loving. Random. Faithquest. Disney Movies. Nutella. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Chinese Food. Popcorn & Chocolate Chips. Peacocks. Turtles. Textaholic. Teen-Wolf. Pro-Life. Pacifist. World Peace. You're Beautiful.


Is it just me, or does this box turtle look extraordinarily proud of wearing salad on her back? Scarlet by ~Kaligem


I start to feel sick when I picture you out of my life - Picture Quotes on We Heart It.

<3 <3 my boyyyy <3 <3

why do i not have that…

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